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A Personalized HappyGram, Video From Bob Camp

A Personalized HappyGram, Video From Bob Camp

$ 25.00

Feeling down, worried, or unsure about the coronavirus? No need for that. Place your order now for your very own personalized “HappyGram” video from Bob Camp, to you — or to your favorite “Eediot”!

Videos range in time from 30 seconds to a minute and a half. Videos can be delivered via your email or text messages. Let us know in the note section of your order approximately what Bob’s message should be.

We reserve artistic license to interpret your request in any way Bob sees fit and you’ll like it because we won’t be giving exchanges or refunds. 

Get Happy. Do it now. Surprise a loved one. Keep yourself happy. Happy Happy Joy Joy. 

Ps, don’t forget to include a note about your request. We send you a video from Bob with or without your note and there’s no do-overs. 

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