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‘Reverend Jack’ Bob Camp Art Original Full Color Ren & Stimpy 8.5” x 5.5”

$ 250.00

Bob Camp Original Cartoon Comic Art Drawing Ren & Stimpy Color 2019. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail

 This fabulous drawing by Bob Camp, the co-creator of Nickelodeon’s Ren and Stimpy Show in the 90’s, could be yours. Have a look at it and press the button.

We’ll take some care and wrap it up well for mailing. People who make an investment in art by Bob Camp are never disappointed. You will feel Happy Happy Joy Joy when you open this package.


Please find more about what Bob is currently up to on our Facebook page at


 Here’s a bit more about Bob’s amazing career in art and animation:

Camp started his animation career as a designer for animated series such as ThunderCats, Silverhawks, TigerSharks, and several other series produced by Rankin/Bass. He then worked as a designer on The Real Ghostbusters for DiC, and later as a storyboard artist on Tiny Toon Adventures for Warner Bros. Television.

Camp was a co-founder of and director for Spümcø, the animation studio that created The Ren & Stimpy Show. He played a major role in the studio’s creative force until September 21, 1992, when he left to work for Games Productions (a.k.a. Games Animation), the animation studio Nickelodeon initially created to continue work on the The Ren and Stimpy show series after Spümcø had been fired. At Games, Camp was promoted to creative director of The Ren and Stimpy show and supervised work on the episodes made. After Ren and Stimpy had ended in 1995, Camp and former Ren and Stimpy writer Jim Gomez began developing a new series for Nickelodeon titled Kid Komet and Galaxy Gal, which was never picked up for a full series.

In the 2000s, Camp worked as a storyboard artist on animated feature films such as Looney Tunes: Back in Action and Ice Age: The Meltdown.

In the 1980s, Camp worked at Marvel Comics as an illustrator on many comic titles including G.I. Joe, Crazy Magazine, Bizarre Adventures, Savage Tales, Conan the Barbarian, and the ‘Nam.

Camp currently teaches at the School of Visual Arts in NYC and travels around the world meeting and educating comic and animation fans and students everywhere with Michele Ford and BoblabStudios.

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