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Nickelodeon Ren & Stimpy Show Ceramic Mug

$ 22.99 $ 25.00

Hey Fans! It’s time for your favorite 90’s tv characters, Ren and Stimpy, decorating a beautiful dark blue coffee mug.

  • 15 oz.  Ceramic Mug 
  • Hand-washing recommended*
  • Made in China
  • Dark Blue Color
  • “The Ren & Stimpy Show” Logo on one side
  • Funny Image of Ren & Stimpy on the reverse 

This mug is brand new and in the box. Bob Camp’s autograph, along with a funny quote from the show will be included on the outside of the mug’s box and can be personalized. Please leave a note with your order if you would like your mug or mugs personalized.

 *Since this is a coffee mug that you may use, the only way to get this autographed directly on the mug is to see us at a show a promise you won’t ever lick the marker off the mug (which could be worse than whizzing on the electric fence)! Follow us on Twitter @michelefire and Facebook @BoblabStudios for event and schedule information. 

Put this in your cart and make sure to click “checkout” tright away, as we don’t have many of these left in stock.  Without a doubt, you will be the envy at every coffee machine or coffee bar, every time! 

A mug that’s not just for coffee - it’s also for Happy Happy Joy Joy!


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