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Marvel Absurd Comics Ren & Stimpy Radio Daze Comic Book, Cassette, CD, signed by Bob Camp

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Ren & Stimpy Radio Daze 1 Comic Book, November 1995,  Marvel Absurd Comics, signed by Bob Camp

Based on the hit CD/cassette from Nickelodeon and Sony Wonder! Our air-headed animals take over the radio waves to become the wildest team since Howard and Robin! Written by Richard Marcus, with art by Darren Auck and Don Hudson.

Ren & Stimpy Radio Daze CD & Cassette, signed by Bob Camp  

All songs 1995 Music By Nickelodeon Inc. (BMI)

Gary Owens: Powdered Toastman
Harris Peet: Muddy Mudskipper
Scott Free: Judge Stonewall
Engineered and Mixed by Mark Endert at Sony Music Studios, Santa Monica and New York
Digital Editing by Ric Wilson at Digisonics. Encino, CA

The Radio Daze Band:
Keyboards: Tom Armbruster
Guitars: Jim Lum
Basses: Jotty Johnson
Drums and Percussion: Andrea Carol
Alto Tenor, Soprano Sax and Sax Solos: Dave Thomasson Alto
Baritone Sax and Flute: Phil Feather
Trumpets: Tim Divers
Vocal Nation is Randy Crenshaw, Carl Graves, Vatrena King, Angie Jaree, Bob Joyce, David Joyce & Paul Kreiling Background Vocals: Terry Wood. Julia Waters, Maxine Waters Additional Vocals by Hot BAM!
Jaws Harp: Chris Pink
Front and Back Cover Illustration: Bill Wray
Art Direction and Design: Jim (Jive Doctor) Breazeal